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At the moment, Storm Ridge is a platform for publishing books, audio, and other forms of media, as well as provide a limited array of services.

In essence and for the sake of transparency, let me just say I started this company solely to publish my own writing without having to deal with the stigmas and pitfalls of self-publishing.  Despite the merits and fantastic writing of many self-published authors, there are some disadvantages to the practice, including less general respect, a smaller reach, and many others. 

Likewise, working with a publisher, while traditional, has a number of disadvantages.  For one, the royalty rates are a lot smaller and they are less inclined to favor any author that isn’t a proven commodity.  Furthermore, more and more the editing, marketing, and other elements that were previously undertaken by the publishing professionals are falling on the authors themselves.


I decided to find a happy merger of the two ideas. 

Storm Ridge is my solution.

I want to build this company into a publisher that works with the unconventional.  Illustrated novels, audio dramas, and everything that people want to see, but never do because it constitutes too much of a risk.

For now, it is just a simple platform for publishing the unconventional in a bold and unapologetic way.

There are also samples and, in some cases, links to where it can be obtained for free; I believe that if I have done something well enough, someone who takes it for free will come back and buy it, or at least tell others.

Ultimately, though, this is my play at stepping into the professional light and making something of the talent I have been given.

I sincerely hope you enjoy what comes out of Storm Ridge Productions.


- Matthew J. Mimnaugh

CEO, Storm Ridge Productions

Welcome to Storm Ridge Productions

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