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Part 01: To Pierce the Stars Standard Edition
  • Part 01: To Pierce the Stars Standard Edition



    The J.P. Starwind series follows a group of travelers approximately 500 years after mankind flees Earth.  Corporate powers battle for supremacy in games of advertisement, investment, and espionage.  The pragmatism of the modern battles the wisdom of old when the old ways are questioned.  Tensions rise as the New Humanity Initiative threatens to break with traditions honored for by The New Earth Imperial Order for the sake of human survival.


    And as all this occurs, something monolithic prowls beneath the surface, tendrils of influence affecting everything.


    This series follows J.P. Starwind and a group of unlikely allies as the mystery unfolds, all triggered when a ship that has been hiding in plain sight reveals itself as Legacy, an artifact gunship of the old world.



    This Book:


    The first of the series, this is where it all starts.  Circumstance plots to unite the group of travelers, this first sequence of events surrounding a 800,000,000 credit debt, a mysterious benefactor, and an ancient, dangerous ship. 



    The Price:  $7.95


    Buying this here gives significantly more money to the author; selling one book on this site earns the author more than selling 3 on Amazon.


    What's more, this book will be autographed by the author and personalized before shipped.


    Take a selfie with your book and email it to me!  I'll add it to the description!

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