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Storm Ridge Productions meets the multimedia needs of aspiring writers.  Whether it is editing, publishing, or simply providing an environment conducive to bettering one’s skills, Storm Ridge is dedicated helping in whatever way it is presently equipped to handle. 

While the company is new, I have over a decade of experience and I want to give back where I can.  Please note that submissions are CLOSED at the moment, but I can help you get your manuscript ready for publication in a number of ways. 

As many writers well know, the creation of any piece is a merger of art and craft.  One of my talents is helping others realize their potential in both of these arenas.  The line between art and craft is often blurred, but I find the best way to do something is to properly understand it.  That is where I can help.

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Content Consultation/Manuscript Evaluation

Content consultation involves reading your piece and assessing its merits from both an artistic and craft standpoint.  This is not a traditional edit of grammar and mechanics, but a look at the bones and flesh of a piece to determine what needs to be fixed before anything is polished. 

With a light consultation you can expect to get a review of the deep core of the work like character, setting, and plot analysis; a review of backstory and world creation; and all the other things that make the story work beneath the surface.   

~$0.02/word for Novels
~$0.03/word for Short Stories


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